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The service we received was excellent!

Would purchase from them again. Spoke over the phone and after driving from out of state, the vehicle was exactly as described. Great purchase! Thanks!


Linda from washington pa

Great Dealership to buy new or used from!!

Ive been looking to buy a used truck and Ive been in touch with Akron Auto Sales and They have been Great, Definitely recommend them!


Nathan from Columbus Ohio

Great experience

Akron Auto Sales was the best dealership to buy my used car. Dave and Rachael were great, honest and helpful. The car was not inspected yet by their mechanic. So I gave the deposit and in a few days I got a call from Rachael that the car is ready to pick up. I was explained of what was OK with the car and what was fixed and replaced. Next day I took the car to my mechanic and he said that the car was in such great shape that it was a great deal. I normally do not write reviews, but I received such wonderful customer service that I would recommend this dealership to anyone. Great service, great staff, and overall I am extremely satisfied. Thank you again Dave and Rachael


Alex from Seven Hills, Ohio

Easier to deal with than the big dealerships!

We drove about 80 miles to Akron Auto Sales after finding a couple of used vehicles we were interested in posted online. What a great choice we made to go there. We arrived about an hour before they closed and was able to test drive both vehicles. Their prices are great. They did not rush us in any way and we purchased a vehicle and was able to drive it home immediately. No pressure sales and all our questions and concerns were addressed. Rachel and Dave (mechanic) were very knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you for taking such good care of us.


D&L from PA

Bought car from Akron auto sales

I give this place 5 stars. They are very helpful and very friendly. The process of buying my car was fast and simple. I really appreciate their business and will recommend anyone to give them a try. Thank you guys so much.


Laura Arrington from Ravenna,ohio

Buy your next car here!

I can't recommend this business more highly. My search for a winter car had taken me to several other car lots from which I left feeling very uneasy. But once I met this family, I WANTED to buy a car from them because I just felt that I could trust them. And, boy, was that feeling right! They went steps beyond what I was expecting to make sure I was happy with my purchase. They really did perform a 110 point inspection and made necessary repairs- even after I'd already signed the purchase paperwork. Their mechanic, Dave, really seems to know his stuff and really cares that you leave a satisfied customer. I've had my Jeep Liberty (a.k.a. "Little Beast") for about 5 months now. I've really put it to the test this past winter and I'm very happy with it. Next time I'm in need of a used car I'll definitely return to see Dave, Rachel and company. You can trust these good people to be fair and honest. They will sell you a quality reconditioned car and then they'll stand behind it!


Kathleen C. from Deerfield, OH

Nicest people and great service

Some of the nicest people in the car business we have ever purchased from. We just bought a used car and were impressed with the service all around from this dealer. If you remember the names of the people you meet, it is either due to a bad experience or a good one and this was definitely a good experience from start to finish. They took care of us and were upfront and honest. We will visit this dealership in the future! - If you are looking for a used car, you should stop in and see for yourself.


Chris from Akron, Ohio

What a great experience

My wife and I were in the market for a vehicle and searched everywhere within a 3 hour drive from our Deep Creek Lake residence. After talking with many dealers and hearing the same sales pitch my wife had found a 2002 Lexus at Akron Auto Sales. I had called and Rachael had gave me a description of the Lexus and seemed to be very front on everything. I was still skeptical and we put the Lexus on the bottom of the list due to the distance from our home. After looking at 3 other autos in the Pittsburgh area and found that what was described to us on the phone was not even close to the actual vehicle condition we decided to drive to Akron. When we pulled into the lot and was greeted by Rachael we inspected the Lexus and it was exactly as described on the phone. I was shocked. Its was if I had already seen the car. After a test drive I fell in love with the car. Rachael and Dave were the best people that we have ever worked with and I can say that our next vehicle we purchase will be from them. It was worth the drive.


Robbie Cuppett from McHenry Maryland

Exceptional in every way!

As soon as we walked into the office, Dave and Rachael treated us like family. It was so easy buying a car from them. The 110 point inspection found some things wrong with the car and they fixed everything before we took possession of the vehicle. As soon as the car was done, Rachael called me to come pick it up-she seemed as excited as I was! They were so professional and friendly, we will go back in the future. Their mechanic Dave was so thorough and friendly and explained all the work he did on the car. I have already recommended Akron Auto Sales to five other people for a phenomenal used car and we will be taking all of our vehicles there for service from now on. We won't go anywhere else. Thanks Dave, Rachael, and Dave! We will be back!


~ from Akron, Ohio

A1 Dealership!!!

It's not often that I am compelled to write a review like the one I am currently writing. I however, was so absolutely impressed with the good folks at Akron Auto Sales and the entire experience, I felt it necessary to do so. From the initial contact Rachel and Dave were both friendly, informative, helpful and professional. They made the process of purchasing my vehicle (which I love) an enjoyable one. I happen to live an hour away from their dealership, which made it not the most convenient situation....no problem for Rachel and Dave though.....and Dave2 went above and beyond servicing my vehicle to the point of repairing a key fab that he did not have to repair. Not to mention, that due to my schedule they continuously dealt with me having to reschedule to have the car serviced. But, nearly 30 days after my purchase, they worked me into a tight schedule, honoring their commitment to me and taking great care of my car! Thank you all, truly! I will purchase vehicles from this family for as long as they are in business and I will without hesitation endorse them to as many individuals as I can. Akron Auto Sales....a breath of fresh air!!


~ from Warren, Ohio

Awesome buying experience!

This was a truly great buying experience. It all started when I called about a car I saw on their website. Rachel informed me that somebody had put a down payment on it already, but if the deal did not work out she would call. 2 days later she called and told me the deal had fell through. I made an appointment to see the car the following day. My wife and I arrived and the car was ready for us, They held the car for our appointment even though somebody else was there to buy it. The car was exactly what I was looking for and we decided to purchase it. They gave us a fair deal on the trade in and the paper work was done in 20 minutes. The car then went through their inspection process which revealed that the car needed new back rotors and brakes...THEY FIXED THIS AT NO CHARGE, before I took the car home. I have never bought a car with so little stress or misgivings about the deal. Akron Auto Sales is a true family business; Rachel, her father, and her grandfather were wonderful. I never had the pleasure of meeting Rachel's brother Dave, but he did take the time (after hours) to answer my questions via email.. Akron Auto Sales will be the first place I will look whenever I need a used car. I cannot recommend them highly enough!


~ from Parma, OH

Website administrator

I was looking for a cheap car because my son's car broke down unexpectedly yet they treated me like I was looking for the best car on the lot. I like these guys, you can actually talk to them, and they don't treat you like you're stupid. Their mechanic will actually explain something to you. They didn't have the car I was looking for but they were a great bunch of folks and I'm keeping them in mind.


~ from Ellet, Ohio

Kind People

from Rochester ny

Akron Auto Sales : A Dealer with Character

Dave and Rachel (and Grandpa of course) run a top notch quality used car lot (Oh yeah and don't forget Dave 2, the on site mechanic!). You know you are at the right place by the way they treat you, like you are one of the family. As a customer I felt comfortable, important, and listened to during the entire process. The car I wanted had not yet gone through their 101 point inspection when I made the deal, and I expected much less than what I received. Not only was a very thorough inspection made, but quality repairs were made to every issue that was found, many of which I would not have known about until it was too late. Items like brake pads, rotors, door hinges to name a few. Additionally, they alerted me to items that would need attention that they are not equipped to perform; like an oil change and other misc. maintenance items. The vehicle did need one major repair, and once discovered, Dave called me immediately and negotiated a plan that I was quite happy with to get the repair done. I'm all about being fair and I expect to be treated fairly as well. Needless to say, I was! The repair was made right there in their very own service garage, and was done quickly and correctly (and more importantly to my satisfaction) AND it was done at minimal expense to me. I could not be happier with my purchase and at no time did I feel pressured into something I did not want. I plan on enjoying my new ride for many years to come, and when the time comes to replace it, the first place I will be looking is Akron Auto Sales. Do yourself a favor, and stop by to see the nice folks at Akron Auto Sales first, and you will be glad you did!
Honest John ~Dalton, Ohio

2 time car buyer from here.

2nd car I have purchased from here in 8 years and when I need another used car I will go back to akron auto sales.
Scott Chapman ~Akron, Ohio


Will start here first next time I buy a car!!! Great experience!! Made me feel like family!!!!!
Mr.E ~akron,ohio

Nice cars at a great price.

Very friendly and helpful people. I am very happy with my purchase and will most certainly go back in the future.
Canton Man ~Hartville, Ohio

Our first stop in the future!

Bought a car here 12 years ago and was very pleased with the service we received...wish we would have remembered that when we started car shopping again this month. We could have saved ourselves so much aggravation if we had started here. There was absolutely no pressure to buy...other dealers we went to either tried to sell us junk, something we couldn't afford, or over- priced vehicles. As long as this family is in business we will remember to come here first and gladly recommend Akron Auto Sales to everyone in the market for an honest car dealer and decent vehicles. When the Lord said to do unto others as you would have them do unto you this family took that to heart. Thank you for being a light in a dark world.

Bob and Cathy ~Springfield Twp, Ohio

Love, Love, Love my new Jeep

Larry and I have been going to Akron Auto for about 4 yrs now and we would never go anywhere else. Dave does an outstanding job on our cars so they have lasted alot longer then we could ever have imaged. My Sunfire was on its last leg so I knew I would not go anywhere else for my next car but Akron Auto. The day we went to pick out a car there was only 1 car in our price range, but Rachel told us about a Jeep she just got in a few hours before. I fell in love with it as soon as I seen at and they gave us a great deal on it. So I recommend Akron Auto to all my friends and family. Thanks Again Dave, Dave and Rachel.

Faithful Customers ~Akron, Ohio

Happy customer

Dave and Rachel were very helpful and pleasant! I did not feel like I was at a typical dealership. I was not pressured in any way and feel that they both did whatever they could to make my experience a pleasant one. I would definitely recomend this place to all of my friends!

Jeep Lover ~Akron, Ohio

Purchase of vehicle for my daughter

Dealership was very knowledgeable and accomodating. Would recommend them to my friends who are looking for a used vehicle. Looking forward to working with their service department for future service of this vehicle.

Billy ~Cuyahoga Falls

Made the process easy and were extremely helpful

Rachel was on the lot with us answering all of our questions as soon as were there. She was very helpful and went out of her way to answer all questions we had for her. As my friend was inside the office discussing payment options and pricing I was able to discuss the business with Dave who was working on the cars in the garage. You can tell with each person we came in contact with that they all care deeply about the products they provide to their customers and put the car through a 110 point check before you are allowed to leave with the car to make sure the car is perfect for you. The care and concern for each customer was the most apparent i have ever whitnessed before with any dealership i have ever dealt with in my life. I will definately make the drive from Youngstown to Akron just to have the service that was given to me at Akron Auto Sales. You can feel their dedication to their customers in everything that they do. I will now be a customer for life. Thank you all so very much for treating us in a way that no other dealership has ever done before in the past. I have plenty of dealerships all around the Youngstown area where i live but i will always come back here first. And i will refer their service and selection to everyone i know in the future for all of their car needs. Thank you again Rachel and Dave for all of you help and honesty with making such a big decision for me. I needed a reliable used vehicle for transporting my daughter around and i KNOW i have it now.

Kel2717 ~Youngstown, Ohio

Fantastic Service All Around

No pressure, great cars. Rachel, our sales lady was absolutely wonderful and very informative. This is a wonderful family owned business. Even the mechanics are personable and very professional. I highly, highly reccommed considering stopping by even if only for the pleasant expereince. We just bought a Chevy Equinox and are quite satisfied beyond any other car buying experience I've had.

Eric W ~Akron, Ohio

Amazing Service

THis dealership has service you can't find at a large dealer. After looking at several dealerships for an Acura MDx, we cam across Akron Auto Sales. The associates are very friendly and took care of every possible issue we found with the car, before we drove it off the lot. The time and effort they spend making sure you're satisfied shows in how easy they made the buying process and taking care of any fixes that were needed. This one of the best dealerships I've ever expierenced in 10 years of car buying.

SUV Buyer ~Kent, Ohio


Akron Auto Sales was easy to work with, and courteous, pleasant!

Marisa ~Cleveland, Ohio

Great Experience

My daughter and I recently purchased a 2005 Ford Five Hundred from Dave at Akron Auto Sales. We traveled from another state to see the car. They had promised a thorough inspection of the vehicle and that's exactly what they did. They found that it needed brakes and some chassis parts. When we arrived, they had replaced the chassis parts and were doing a complete brake job. The price of the car was excellent, perhaps below actual value. Follow up details were addressed by Dave without hesitation. We couldn't have had a better experience.

Mark and Anna ~Brighton, Michigan



Thank you so much for going above and beyond to fix our cars. You made us feel like valued customers and not just another nameless person. You have won our respect and loyalty. Thank you again for all you have done!

Larry and Marsha  ~Akron, Ohio

Good experience...

Though skittish at first over the purchase, and a few problems I noted on the vehicle, Rachael and Dave ensured all would be road ready prior to any sale. I can say truthfully they stood by there promise. When I had a minor problem with a trunk latch the next day I took the car back and Dave, the service manager dropped what he was doing and took care of the problem to my satisfaction. Keep him, he is a service ambassador and great for the business... we will be back

lankgreg  ~Akron, Ohio

Trustworthy and Easy to deal with...

Akron Auto Sales was our answer. After shopping around at bigger dealer lots and having some very negative experiences, the folks at Akron Auto Sales were a breathe of fresh air. They were straight with us, honest, affordable, and easy to deal with. We will be back!!!

Tight Budget  ~Austinburg, Ohio

Exellent business to buy a used veh from!

Even though I didnt visit his business I completed my purchase 100% online. I am in Iraq and Dave was honest and very cautious about my inquiry of the purchase at first. But once he talked with my uncle who eventually picked it up on the 31 Aug All went well. My uncle drove the car all the way back to Atlanta Georgia with no problems and Dave made sure it was road ready for him. What more could you ask for? A+ people and it was nice doing business with them. Highly recommended.

Eddie Jones  ~Savannah, Georgia

Quality Vehicles and Below Market Pricing

Akron Auto personnel buy and sell quality vehicles and set realistic prices for customers. Living 2 hours away in Pittsburgh, they were very honest/accomodating over the phone with me about any possible defects of the vehicle so that there were zero suprises when I arrived to see it. Their 110 point inspection is the real deal as I witnessed them replacing my brakes and rotors prior to letting me purchase the vehicle. I am very happy with my used auto purchase and I will most definately consider returning for my next vehicle purchase.

Eric  ~Pittsburgh, PA


I enjoyed talking with and dealing with David and Rachel. The process was quick and courteous. I would recommend the dealership to a friend.

Hammer  ~Canton, Ohio

Great Car

I got a good deal on a great used car. David and Rachael are friendly and easy to work with. They made the buying process easy.

Eddie27  ~Dalton, Ohio

04 rubicon

Akron auto sales had the jeep I wanted and gave me a good deal and I'm loving every moment of it thanks to them.

Joseph  ~Akron, Ohio

Quick easy process

Dave was pleasant and helpful. He answered the questions I had with honesty and candor. consider a vehicle on his lot.

Benzo  ~Leetonia, Ohio

Beautiful Used Car

I got a used car (2002 honda accord sedan) from these guys, i have used it for 2 months now and I am happy with the car. Everybody around me likes the car. I will recommend them to any one because they are honest people.

Alphie  ~Cleveland, Ohio

Easy buying...

Dave and Rachel were great. They were helpful and very professional.

Family Guy  ~Akron, Ohio

Happy Customers

I could not have dreamed of a better dealership. My wife went shopping for a town and country and the deal they had was better than anywhere else. Dave is friendlier than any rep. we have met. We had such a good experience with the Town and Country we came back and traded in the other car for a Rendezvous. They have a customer for life.

Soccer Mom  ~Wadsworth, Ohio

Excellent Place to buy

When we were looking to buy a used car we went to Akron Auto Sales. They are very knowledgable and very kind and friendly to deal with. There 110 point inspection was great and the service was excellent. We also had our s10 in there repair shop. You could not have asked for better service with the knowledge, the kindness and the quality of there shop and mechanics. The prices are extremly competative as well. I would recommend this dealer and reapair shop to my friends and family.

dwaterhouse  ~Akron, Ohio

Good Honest Dealer

Akron Auto Sales' Dave Jr. and Rachel are great people to work with when buying a used car. Both are honest about the cars on their lot honest about the pricing as well. They will work with you to find the best fit for whatever criteria you have price gas mileage year anything.

gcrist  ~Macedonia, Ohio